Recently, we have seen an increase in demand for blue-tone designs.
Color interpretation is unique to everyone, however some generalizations can be made about color and design.
Blue tends to create a cool, refreshing, and relaxed atmosphere.

We live in a fast-paced culture.
When it’s time to go home and wind down, many have began to surround themselves with blues and neutral decor.
Perhaps, they are seeking change from the warm red and gold tones that were popular in the early 2000’s.
Perhaps, they discovered the blues help sooth their busy brain.

Whatever the reason, we love chilling out with blue tones and would be happy to find the right blue for you!

  • Blue Fabrics Featured in our Store
  • 4 different fabrics with royal and navy blue patterns

Discuss with a designer how to successfully transition your home to a refreshing blue palette call us 563-345-0045.
Our designers are knowledgeable, friendly, and would be glad to provide professional design advice!
All of the photos in this post are projects we have done.  Photos are owned by Interiors by the Sewing Room.

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