Just like many girls spend countless hours (and years) envisioning their dream wedding, as an interior designer, I’ve spent years picturing my dream home!  I have pictures from magazines collected in folders and countless ideas tagged online.  My husband and I talk about it often, especially the kitchen, since we love to cook.

My dream home has a chef’s kitchen, with all top-of-the-line appliances; a Viking Range (with a pot filler faucet above) and a gorgeous statement range hood and beautifully tiled backsplash.  There’s double wall ovens, a deep double sink, an island with a prep sink and seating for kids and guests to play and talk with me while I cook.  It also has an area with lowered counters for me to use (since I’m shorter-than-average), and an area with higher counters for my husband (who is above average height).  I’d love it to have giant glass doors that open wide to let in a cool breeze, sunshine and a great view of my perfectly-manicured garden.  Can you picture it?!

4 Tips for Getting your Dream Home in 2015 - Interiors by The Sewing Room

But my current home is far from the dream.  And although I’m sure your dream home looks different than my dream home, I’m guessing your current home may need some improvements before it can live up to those dreams.  But there are ways to at least get closer to your dream home quicker than you think!  It’s all about focusing on areas that are close, but not quite there yet.

Tip 1:  Start Small

I really like my living room.  It’s a great place where my family can play, talk and spend time together.  There’s a giant sectional sofa where we can all curl up and watch movies and read books, and there’s still plenty of room leftover for a home office, and play space!  But it’s missing something.  The giant brown sofa in the middle of the room can sometimes be an eyesore…and my cheap broken miniblinds just don’t give it the luxurious look that I’d hope for.

So what to do?  Keep the parts you love about your space in mind, but look back to your dream home images for inspiration.

The details are what make an average room look amazing.

Add some variety with pillows in lots of complimentary colors and patterns!  Tie those colors and patterns in to your drapes, artwork and add fresh cut flowers.  Looking better already, right?!

4 Tips for Getting your Dream Home in 2015 - Interiors by The Sewing RoomImage Source: Design Sponge


Tip 2:  Declutter

I don’t know about you, but even the parts I love about my home are often buried under piles of paperwork, toys and clothes.  Those magazine photos that I covet seem to have everything in it’s place, and a place for everything…of importance.  Where is the rest of their stuff?  Guess what, they don’t have extra stuff!

Use the New Year as a chance to get rid of old things you no longer value or need.

So many decluttering experts (and novices) are planning New Years challenges to sort through and purge what they don’t need.  Find an online group, or just join up with a friend for support and donate all that extra stuff to people who might actually appreciate it!  In just 10 minutes a day, or 1 day a week, you’re house will start to feel lighter and look more like those dream home pictures in no time!


Tip 3:  Don’t Wait, Set a Date

You’ve thought long and hard about what your dream home looks and feels like, so what are you waiting for?

Carve out a weekend to paint a room you’ve been thinking about for months, make anappointment with an interior designer to start discussing your remodel, or set a date with your spouse, roommate or a friend to go on the search for a new sofa you’ve been dreaming of.

Put it on your calendar, prepare and conquer!

By enlisting the help of a professional or even a couple of friends, you’d feel more committed and less likely to cancel your planned improvements.


Tip 4:  One Thing At A Time

If you’re like me, the big picture can get so overwhelming that we stop in our tracks and no progress is made.  My whole bedroom doesn’t feel like the relaxing sanctuary that I picture, but how long have the shoes been spilling out from my closet into a pile on my bedroom floor?  Far too long to admit!

By just focusing on one tiny part of what could improve the space (spend 20 minutes reorganizing my shoes so they fit back into the closet), it will not only improve the look of the space, but it will make you feel more satisfied with the space overall.

After that’s done, what’s the next step?  Maybe now I need to find the perfect bedspread and pillows to give my room the cozy feeling that my dream bedroom has.  It’s now so much easier to focus on searching for the bedding or designing it to be exactly what you’ve pictured with custom bedding when you’re just focusing on one thing at a time!

4 Tips for Getting your Dream Home in 2015 - Interiors by The Sewing Room

Kitchen and Bedroom images by Urrutia Design


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