I was meeting with a client this week who wanted some new and exciting ways to use art to command attention and create something visually interesting to look at that’s not just hanging another framed print on the wall.

It made me realize that all too often art is only thought of as something to hang on the wall.  It might be centered above the sofa in your living room, or over the mantel.  If it’s an artist’s original work, it may be placed it a small alcove in the wall and given a spotlight.  Or maybe all the art in your home is finger paintings by your 6 year old that are attached to the refrigerator with a magnet?

We wanted to help you break free from those as your only ideas of how to place art in your home.  We’ve partnered with Dan Campbell of Modern Art by Dan, to show you ways to use art (his art specifically) in new and different ways to make a statement in your home!

One great way that we incorporate art and graphics on a large scale with with wall murals.  The art shown here is Dan’s ‘Johnny B’, and I think this would be great in a budding musician kid’s room!  While it would be amazing to commission an artist to paint their art directly on the wall, sometimes that’s just not feasible for budgetary reasons, or because your favorite artist is not available for painting on such a large scale.  Here, we’d work directly with the artist to purchase their high-resolution images, we’d have the art scaled perfectly for your wall, and installed just like wallcovering.  Easy as that, and it’ll make a huge impact in your room!

Bedroom Mural Wall - Johnny B - Interiors by The Sewing Room and Modern Art by Dan

While the walls in your home may be less ‘industrial’ looking with the mottled paint job in the next image, a large-scale work of art on a canvas can make an incredible impact in any room.  The original painting, ‘Canvas Can do Miracles’, is 30″ x 40″. It alone would look great in many rooms, but to move away from the norm and have it printed on a large scale would really give people something to remember!

Canvas Can Do Miracles Living Room


Where do visitors always seem to gather?  If your house is anything like mine, it’s the kitchen.  And while there are often a few places to hang traditional framed art, how about having a work of art tiled onto your backsplash?  Did you even know you could have tiles custom made with an artist’s image on them?  There is some legwork involved in having this done (you obviously can’t buy Dan’s ‘Sunrise Sail’ glass tiles directly at your big-box home store), but it’s a great way to make a big impact in your kitchen, it keeps the art protected from splashes and splatters, and it’s less costly than you might think!  We are glad to help you with the process.

Kitchen Backsplash with Artwork Sunrise Sail - Interiors by The Sewing Room and Modern Art by Dan


If you’re feeling really adventurous in giving your home a unique look, consider adding art to a sliding door.   The door shown here with Dan’s ‘Don’t Fly Away’ makes a great impact while standing in the kitchen and hallway, but think about all the possibilities for what you could add to the other side of the door as a surprise view from the living room as well!  What a treat for you and guests alike!

Just like in the wall mural of the first image, you could either commission the artist to paint your door (a little easier here, since the door could be removed and completed in the artist’s studio), or you can find the perfect painting that’s already been completed and have it blown up to the perfect size for your door.

Sliding Door with Don't Fly Away - Interiors by The Sewing Room and Modern Art by Dan

Really, the possibilities for placing art in your home are endless, and while we’ve given you a few of our ideas here, we’d love to work with you to add a big impact with art to your home!

Thanks again to Dan Campbell of Modern Art by Dan for giving us free-rein to get a little playful with his art.  Make sure to check out his other works on his website andfacebook page for even more inspiration.

And thanks to the following sources for the interior images sans Dan’s art.

Bedroom from Bozeman House

Large Living Room Canvas from House Beauty

Kitchen Backsplash from Adagio Art Glass

Sliding Door from Home Adore


Looking for more ways to give your home a big impact with design, but don’t know where to start?  Call or email our designers at Interiors by The Sewing Room.

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