Sometimes, it only takes the need to change one little thing, to have the desire to change everything.

In the case of our recent Davenport client, that one little thing was a broken microwave.

The microwave had to go and in looking at the cabinets around the microwave, our client thought, “They’re not that great either”. The color was nice and the stain matched the rest of the house, but they had their issues (as most things do over time). As her eyes drifted around her 1960’s kitchen, her thoughts snowballed. The floors, cabinets, counter tops and light fixtures were all kind of like the microwave: ready for new life.

Before & After Reveal_ Kitchen Remodel on a Budget - Interiors by The Sewing RoomHer first thought was to call a cabinet company, but they didn’t recommend flooring. She called a tile company, but they wouldn’t assist with lighting. She called an electrician, but they didn’t deal with window treatments. She felt overwhelmed and almost decided to live with what she had.

Right about then, she was browsing the internet and came across our ad for interior design services. The ad spoke directly to her dilemma and she scheduled a consultation with us the very next day.

It was a successful consultation and our client happily signed her design contract for 20 hours of design services.

To our designers, an outdated room is like new adventure. A chance for new life and a chance to create better experiences for home owners and their guests by implementing strategic design choices. When we professionally design a space, it takes the stress and pressure off the homeowner to figure out how to put things together in a cohesive manner.

After Sink & Window View - Kitchen Remodel on a Budget - Interiors by The Sewing RoomFrom cabinets to countertops, floors to window treatments, we spent the next several weeks assisting our client in making pivotal decisions. A kitchen renovation is a big investment, so it’s important to have professional guidance to prevent you from making design mistakes. Poorly renovated/decorated rooms can decrease the value of your home and make it less enjoyable for yourself, family and friends. When a room is professionally designed, it just feels nice. Most clients can’t visualize the bigger picture from samples, but a professional designer has the training, skills, and experience to visualize what works to create a cohesive home.Before & After Breakfast Nook - Kitchen Remodel on a Budget - Interiors by The Sewing RoomOur client shared with us, if she had not trusted her kitchen remodel to our designer, the process would have taken longer, caused her more stress and anxiety, and could have negatively impacted the value of her house.

She loves her new kitchen, and she couldn’t have done it without the help of Interiors by the Sewing Room.

Before & After View Towards Dining Room - Kitchen Remodel on a Budget - Interiors by The Sewing RoomIs your kitchen in need of a little (or a lot) of love?  Check out our Interior Design Services page, or contact our designers today for more info on how to get started!

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