If you want your space to authentically represents your personality, then custom interior design is the way to go.   When you try to furnish and decorate your house with store-bought items, you lose the ability to create a home that is uniquely yours.

The cool thing about custom interior design is that it can be made large for a dramatic impact or small for intimate details.

Decorating a Custom Model Home

At the Villas of Pheasant Creek, our team worked with Paula and Colin Woods of Diamond Builders to create a custom model home.  In the master bedroom, our workroom made coordinating draperies and pillows. You can  see how they  were complimented with custom barn-wood elements.

The neutral floral print softens the rustic element of a barn-wood headboard and cornice.

  • The key to a successful neutral palette is CONTRAST.
    • Notice the main fabric has light-lights (a creamy background), dark-darks (each shape is outlined with a dark charcoal). Also, there are various shades and tones in between.

Accenting the Strengths of the Room

The Villas at Pheasant Creek have tall ceilings for a lofty, open feel.  To emphasize the height, our team designed long draperies in the living room. They extend past the top of the windows.  We brought contrast to the tops of the drapes with elegant black wood poles. This brings your eyes up and around the living room.

We installed 4 individual rods instead of 1 continuous rod for a few reasons:

  • 1 large rod would make it feel like that is where the ceiling stopped.  Instead of embracing the height, it would be hiding the height, closing off the room.
  • When the function of drapes is purely decorative and there is no need for the drapes to close, a continuous rod is wasted material. If you don’t use it, lose it.  
  • The eye tends to fill in the spaces between the rods.  We naturally “connect the dots”.

We intentionally kept the main areas neutral so potential clients can imagine adding their favorite color to the well designed base.  Color preference is deeply personal; adding a warm or cool color palette might limit the model home’s appeal.

In the garage entry, Diamond Builders made a reclaimed barn-wood bench, and we created a tucked roman shade with a matching pillow.  We were able to implement a bold print and interesting jumble fringe.  The goal was to show something fun and unique in this small entryway.  Intimate details like the hooks above the bench separate us from standard. And jumble fringe on the corners of the pillow are definitely not ordinary.

Designing your home is personal, and sometimes your preferences can’t be store-bought or ready-made. Diamond Builders and Interiors By The Sewing Room are putting “custom” in “customer satisfaction”.

If you’re unsatisfied with generic home decor, we can add custom touches to create a space that better represents you.

To discuss custom interior design call us at 563-345-0045

Watch our segment on Paula Sands to hear more about the accessories and window treatments: Paula Sands Live Model Home Segment

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