We love coming up with new color and pattern combos!  Whether you’re pattern mixing a bunch of throw pillows for your sofa or bed, or looking to pull patterns together throughout your room, we’ve compiled a few ideas.  You could add a pattern to your drapes, and use the other two as pillows on your bed.  Whatever your style, we can help you make it happen!

Pattern Mixing Decorative Pillows

Pattern Through Texture:

For those who like to play it safe but still have a little bit of flair, stick to a solid color (on a contrasting color sofa or chair, of course) and incorporate multiple different textures in the same color family.

Neutral Colored Patterns with a Pop of Color:

Feeling a little more brave?  Keep the neutral colors with a classic tone on tone approach and add a fun pop of really bright color! How to Mix Patterns with Decorative Pillows

Same Color Family, Mixed Patterns:

This pattern mix is along the same lines as the previous, staying in the same color family tones it down, but a bright color in simple geometric prints adds the perfect amount of punch.

For the Bold and Fearless:

Go all out!  My favorite is mixing animal prints in anywhere I can.  There’s no rule saying you have to stick with certain color families, just go with what speaks to you!  Keeping all other elements in a room simple through solid colors will keep this pattern mix from getting too out of hand.   Dramatic Pattern Mix - Interiors by The Sewing Room - check out our blog post for tons of ways these pillows can mix and matchLooking for more pattern mixing ideas?  We think you’ll love our Peppy Pillows post! Interested in more ways to mix patterns? Call us: (309) 755-0045 Or schedule a consultation today!

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