If you’re a Mommy in the Quad Cities and don’t already follow QC Mom’s Blog, you will want to check them out! http://quadcity.citymomsblog.com/  Every month, two lucky Quad City Mom’s are chosen for a makeover – the results are always fabulous!

I love the idea of professionals showing women a new way to view themselves.  The made-over moms feel better and radiate confidence when they reveal their transformations on the Paula Sands Show.  This inspired me to think about how makeovers relate to interior design.

Your style is an extension of you.  Your home is an extension of you.  Think of your floors as a pair of shoes, your walls are the clothing, your furniture is the hair and makeup, and accessories are the jewelry.

Mom and 2 small children on steps next to a living room with a leather couch in similar style

Two ways interior designers are like stylists:

1. Enhance Existing Conditions

When you call on a professional to assess your style or interior design, they’re not going to tell you that you need plastic surgery or we need to tear down and build a new house.  We look for ways to enhance what you already have.  Perhaps we suggest reupholstering and rearranging the furniture for a better look & flow.  Perhaps the stylist shows you a new way to do your makeup that makes your eyes pop!

A professional brings a fresh pair of eyes (along with experience and skills) to creatively improve what you already have.  In cases where a remodel is necessary, an interior designer will make sure the remodel stays on budget, sticks to a timeline, recommend the best contractors, and provide a look that is everything you’d hoped for but couldn’t envision.

Mom & little boy at computer next to living room in similar style

2.  Consider the Total Look & Feel

One thing to note about makeovers is that the recipients often feel better.  We see the same feel-good result after redesigning a space.

Anyone (stylist or not) can dress themselves, and anyone (interior designer or not) can decorate their home. But what impact does the final outcome have?  What sets interior designers and set stylists apart is the impact that the final outcome has.  The result impacts on both emotions and impressions.

It’s the total look from head to toe or floor to ceiling that impacts how you view yourself or your home.  This in turn effects how others view you or your home.  By “view” I mean feelings, thoughts, impressions, etc.  We go beyond making something look nice, we make it feel nice.  We create the desired vibe you want your family and guests to feel in your home. Stylists put together your appearance with that same feel-good reveal in mind.

QC mom's blog and interior design both have an impact on your self image - how you carry yourself.  This mom is carrying daughter next to a photo of a living room with similar style

QC Moms Need Recognition

Mommy makeovers are a great way to reward hardworking moms.  Interior makeovers are like a reward for everyone who gets to use the newly designed space!  Stylists show us how to bring out inner beauty by enhancing exterior features with a little makeup, hair styling, and a new outfit.

Interior designers do the same thing on a larger scale.  We provide guidance for home improvement decisions which relieves non-designers of stressful situations.  We work on improving the interior of your home so your inner self can feel at peace.

If you would like to know more about QC Mom’s Blog Makeovers, email me at ashleyp@qcsew.com or call 309-755-0045

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