The 2016 Quad Cities Builders & Remodelers Home Show, held February 5-7 at the QCCA Expo center, offered everything for the home and then some!  Electricians and plumbers; roofing, siding and windows; counter tops, floors and more.  Some displays were extravagant, with props hanging from the ceiling.  It was a visual feast for the eyes, especially if you have a passion for home design!  With 60,000 square feet of display space and a fun stay-cation theme to ‘Make your Home an Everyday Getaway,’ you almost needed a tour guide to help navigate the QCCA Expo center.

QCBR Home Show 2016 Tour Guide - Interiors by The Sewing RoomWhether you’re planning a trip, visiting a new place across town, or planning a home renovation or remodel, it’s definitely helpful to have a navigator!  Someone to guide, provide directions and security that the end product will be worth the investment.  If you’re looking to create your dream home, your ‘everyday getaway’, or if you’re stuck on what is the right decision to get the look and feel you’re after, there are so many choices to make, it may become quickly overwhelming.  Our interior designers have the skills needed to take the things you like, and translate them into a cohesive environment that will add value to your home.  We have a method of asking a series of questions to determine your budget, style and goals, and we compile that information to help you create a personalized plan – like a guide book – to achieve exactly what you’re after.

Sure the cabinet dealers can advise the best cabinets, and the counter top professionals can sell you the prettiest counter tops, but at what point do you consider the overall look and feel of the space, or even the overall budget?  The vendors at the Home Show have beautiful products, but without the guidance of an interior designer, you may never consider, “What kind of impression would you like to leave on guests?”  or “How do you like to use the space?”, “How would you like to feel in your home?”  Asking these thoughtful questions to delve deep into your home renovation or decor project requires the skill and education that only interior designers can offer.

Laundry Room Remodel - Interiors by The Sewing RoomThere are ways to implement the things you like in a tasteful, well-designed way that can add value to your home.  If you’re investing in your home, a designer can assure that every dollar is spent in a way that guarantees you’ll enjoy the space for as long as you’re there – or that guarantees that the next home buyers will applaud your style.  We consider and compile all of the details that are important to you, as well as all of the details (and costs) that are typically overlooked by those without renovation experience.  We help navigate with you to make decisions that will keep the entire remodel or decor project In Budget and On Time!

Johnny B Bedroom Mural - Interiors by The Sewing RoomAt the 2016 Home Show there were financial advisers, building advisers, and more, but what about design advisers or renovation navigators?  If you want it done right, choose an expert.  Don’t leave your design choices to the electrician, plumbers, contractor or roofer.  The interior designers at Interiors by The Sewing Room have experience with both residential and commercial remodels, large and small.  We have the education, skills and experience to guide a renovation, navigate the details and make sure your newly built home, your existing home’s remodel or the update to your decor that you’ve been anxious to start are better than you’d ever imagined!

Could you use the help of a renovation navigator?  Check out our Interior Design Services page, or contact our designers today for more info on how to get started!

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