In case you missed it, our fearless leader (yes you have to be fearless to go on Live television) helped the PSL show update their kitchen!  Michelle, Liz, and their summer intern put their design talents to the test, and here’s how they wowed the audience!
To see the full segment go to KWQC transform-your-kitchen
1. Paint
The cabinets were a summery lemonade yellow that we painted aqua (Sherwin Williams: Green Bay).  The medium dark, blue-green color is a good back drop for a television kitchen because it separates Paula and her guests from the cabinetry.  The Green Bay color is a high contrast against the existing hardware and new white/gray back splash.  A distinction between backsplash and cabinets is important when trying to add interest to a kitchen.
2. Backsplash Tile
We replaced the backpainted glass tiles with white and gray hexagon porcelain tiles.  The small hexagon tiles play with the studio lighting creating a textural relief to the kitchen set.  The white and gray tiles give a bright and clean feel & tie in the existing gray counter tops.  The hexagon shape is trendy, but it’s a trend with longevity.  This shape helps create softness and a more rounded environment.
Image result for hexagon tile

Hexagon Tile

3. Glass Inserts
In 2016, there are more options than ever to replace, or enhance glass cabinet doors.  We took the cabinet doors to a local glass company in Bettendorf, and they made it super easy to update the glass cabinets.  We went with an abstract textural print, something that grabs the light and glimmers with no specified line direction.  The previous glass inserts had choppy vertical lines that didn’t interact with the lighting and looked plain next to the Green Bay painted cabinets.
Image result for glass cabinet inserts
4. Center Island
To update the big orange island in the Paula Sands kitchen, we covered all sides with a peel & stick reclaimed and sustainable wood planking.  Instead of introducing a complimentary color to the island or using the cabinet color on the island, we introduced a neutral, natural element.  The new wood covered island looks like a custom-built piece of kitchen furniture.  We kept the existing gray counter top and chose a wood that complimented the counter.
Image result for stikwood samples
The goal for this project was to create an updated kitchen set that guests and viewers enjoy as a back drop.  The new dark blue cabinet color separates Paula and her guests from the background.  The white and gray hexagon tiles are bright, clean, and textural as they marry the counter tops to the cabinets.  The new cabinet glass inserts grab the light and glimmer much more than before.  The island looks brand new and custom-built with a fresh wood plank face.  Although it wasn’t an initial goal, we reused the hardware and counter-tops which kept the remodel cost down.  As designers, we strive to improve on what is existing and create something that is long-lasting.  Do you think we accomplished that in the PSL kitchen?

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