Sliding glass doors give great access to a backyard deck or patio, letting natural light in and allowing visitors to your parties to pass without swinging doors getting in the way.  By adding a sliding glass door to your living space, you not only get a door but a full-length window giving you the the light and views your room might otherwise be missing!

But how do you add window treatments to sliding glass doors, when you’d like a little privacy for when your party goes late into the night, and your neighbors like to keep their eyes on whatever you have going on?  Or what if you like to open your sliding door to allow that fresh summer breeze in, but you don’t want your pets getting out?

We had a client come to us with these exact same problems.  She wanted to have the option to block some light, or lots of light (depending on her mood), but be able to clear the coverings away from her sliding glass doors when she had a houseful of guests.

So we gave her the Successful Solution of Sliding Door Shutters!

These shutters are the perfect solution because you can easily control exactly how much light you want by flipping up and down some or all of the slats.  You can have a full view of your backyard and deck, or just a sliver so you know whether it’s snowing outside without having to leave your comfortable couch.

The best part?!  These shutters are also bi-fold doors, so you can open them completely when you want to walk in and out of your sliding doors, but they don’t take up a ton of room inside, so they’re not in the way if you have a houseful of guests!

Home Window Treatment Ideas:  Sliding Glass Door Shutters - Interiors by The Sewing RoomOur client loved this Successful Solution so much, she decided to continue the look on the rest of the windows in her dining room, and we love how it all turned out!

Home Window Treatment Ideas:  Sliding Glass Door Shutters - Interiors by The Sewing RoomWith great natural light when you want it (and cool shadows on the floor), easy access to those sliding doors when you want, and a bi-fold for opening but not getting in the way, these shutters look great and are super functional for this tough design dilemma.

Home Window Treatment Ideas:  Sliding Glass Door Shutters - Interiors by The Sewing Room

Join us tomorrow for our next Successful Solution where we’ve put window treatments on French Doors!

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