Alternative Title… ‘How to use painter’s tape, so you don’t get paint bleeding underneath and so you end up with a perfect line every time!’

Today’s tip is definitely a game-changer for anyone who prefers to DIY the painting in their home.  We’ve been so excited since learning about this tip from the professional painters we’ve worked with, that we had to try it ourselves and share it with you!

How to Paint Perfect Stripes Like the Pros - Interiors by The Sewing Room

Our client came to us wanting a fun place for her laundry.  She’d saved a bunch of ideas she liked on her Pinterest board, but wasn’t sure how to pull it all together to create her dream room.  So our designers came up with a plan based on what inspired the homeowner and suggested that her laundry room would be the perfect place to add stripes.  Take a look at the final result and the tips & tutorial below!

How to Paint Stripes on a Wall

How to Paint Stripes on a WallHow to Paint Stripes Like the Pros

Just like any renovation project there’s some planning and prep work involved.  Here, we’ll assume you’re all ready to go with these planning steps:

  • Choose your stripe direction, Horizontal Stripes (which can make the room appear bigger) or Vertical Stripes (which tend to make the ceiling appear higher).
  • Decide your stripe widths.  Do you want skinny stripes or wide stripes?  Do you want them all the same width or varying widths like our designers did here?
  • Choose your two paint colors.  Here we helped the homeowner choose fun and high contrast colors in white and blue tones, but I’ve also seen an amazing finished result using a background flat paint color with a high gloss in the same color to make matte / glossy stripes for a more subtle look.

And we’re going to assume you’ve taken care of the prep work:

  • Purchase your two paint colors (plus the typical painting supplies)
  • Have your tape measure, painters / masking tape and step stool or ladder on hand.
  • Prep the space – clear as much as possible from the room, protect anything still in the room plus floors and trim work.
  • Apply at least one primer coat if you’re painting brand new drywall or painting over a dark color.

Okay, now we’re ready!

Step 1:  Paint Your Base Coat (lighter color)

Make sure to get a great base coat in your lighter color.  If it takes 2 coats for full coverage, go for it.  This will end up being your final full coat of the lighter color, so make sure it’s finished to your perfection standards!  Let this dry overnight (if possible), or at least as long as the paint manufacturer recommends.

Step 2:  Measure and Mark Your Walls for the Stripes

Here’s where your planning information will come in!  Measure out your desired stripe widths – starting in a corner that’s the least visible.  In case there’s a little difference in where the stripes land once you get all the way around the room, you won’t notice the difference if it’s in a hidden corner.

Divide out your wall by the number of stripes (or stripe width) and mark your walls all the way around.  Use a level and straight edge to mark your stripes lightly in pencil all the way around the room.

Now tape out your stripes with painter’s tape, making sure to place the tape just outside of your pencil lines so you paint over those.

How to Paint Perfect Stripes on a WallStep 3:  Here’s the Big Tip!

Paint over your taped line in the base color first.  This way, you’ve sealed the tape edge, and any of the inevitable paint bleeding will be in the base color so you won’t see it in the end!  Let that paint dry at least the minimum recommended by the manufacturer (you’ll be ready for a break by now anyway).

How to paint stripes on a wallStep 4:  Paint your stripe color

Paint as many coats of the stripe color needed for good coverage and let dry per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How to Paint Stripes on a Wall like the ProsStep 5:  Remove Tape & Voila!

Pull off your painter’s tape at an angle and you’ll have perfectly straight stripes with no color bleeding.  Amazing!

How to paint stripes on a wall like a professional

Our designer helped our client find some adorable large ceiling pendants, and added lots of functionality to her room with shelves over the washer & dryer, key hooks and a beadboard backed area for coats and bags to get the final result!  We love it, and she’s enjoyed the space much more than her stark white laundry room before.

How to Paint Stripes on a WallThis is just one example of all the great tips and ideas we’re excited to share with you.  If you’re looking for more, please contact us or schedule a complimentary consultation today!

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